Spot Runner Sells Reusable Modular TV Ads Online

Spot Runner offers "marketers the chance to launch a television campaign with just a keyboard and mouse--and for the cost of less than $500. The agency allows small businesses to choose creative and a media schedule all on its Web site. At, marketers can pick an ad from a library of pre-produced spots, and select where they'd like it to run. The company then takes care of the execution, and provides proof that the ad aired and information on the audience." (Media Post)

Here's what the agency says: "Our professional directors and editors, along with musicians, voiceover artists and videographers, have built a library of world-class ads that will inspire your customers to action. Once you've chosen an ad that appeals to you, our proprietary technology lets you personalize it with messages, slogans, images or offers. Your personalized ad can be ready to run in as little as 48 hours."
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