NY Times: Video Ads Coming to Cell Phones

NY Times:
Television-style advertising is coming to a mobile phone near you. It is part of a broader push by marketers to create a new generation of "up close and personal" ads by delivering video, audio, banner displays and text clips over a device carried by most American adults. The wireless carriers say the risk of losing customers is a strong incentive to keep down the marketing noise. For now, mobile marketing is still rudimentary. But that is expected to change quickly, with phone-based ads incorporating more sophisticated graphics and videos this year.

ESPN plans to start running short video clips later this year from advertisers like Visa USA, Nike and Hilton Hotels. The size of the mobile phone advertising market was only $45 million in 2005, but is expected to grow to $1.26 billion by 2009, Roger Entner, a telecommunications industry analyst with Ovum, a market research firm, said."
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