Clarification: Rooftop Advertising

Suddenly, my post back from August on Target's rooftop logo has attracted some 60K of visitors in one day, kindly sent by BoingBoing, Digg, Kottke, USA Today and many others, but somehow people have understood that Target had painted its logo with the purpose of getting on Google Maps and pointed out that that particular Target's store was located near an airport and the logo had been painted for the benefit of the flying public and not for the satellites to map it.

These readers are absolutely right. As I wrote in the original post, Target is enjoying the benefit from appearing on Google Maps without ever planning for it, since the picture must be significantly older than the Google's service. Which, of course, doesn't mean that now someone won't come up with a campaign - a scavenge hunt, perhaps - that relies on Google Maps and rooftop logos.
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