Whiteboards Turn Smart

Smartboards replace whiteboards; new ops for in-school ads.

Wired: "All across the country, chalkboards are being ditched in favor of interactive, computer-driven whiteboards that allow students and teachers to share assignments, surf the web and edit video using their fingers as pens." These things are now installed in more than 150,00 U.S. classrooms. Manufacturers: Numonics, PolyVision, Promethean, Smart Technologies.

With schools selling ad space on school buses and collecting money for naming rights, it must be only a matter of time till they let advertisers play commercials on the smartboards. I'd say this will work great for negative campaigning. I can see Pepsi (or Coke) running a sponsorship jingle "This boring math problem was brought to you by that other cola drink."
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