Watchlist: Cell Phones and Head-Mounted Displays

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France Telecom’s wireless unit, Orange SA, will soon roll out a new mobile video service that will let cellular phone subscribers view TV, movies, photos and broadband Internet content with a big screen viewing effect using Kopin-enabled [head mounted displays]. Kopin Corp., the largest U.S. manufacturer of microdisplays for mobile consumer electronics and military applications, has received an order for CyberDisplay 230K microdisplays from MicroOptical for this application. Orange will bundle a MicroOptical binocular video eyewear with Samsung’s SGH-D600 cell phone as part of its new Orange World wireless multimedia service."
-- Digital Camera @ 101 Reviews, press release

Kopin is already working on intergrating its displays into console gaming (press release).

Head-Mounted Display, Finally?
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