Tamagotchi on Cell Phones

I love tabloids. "In a move that leads us to believe that they may in fact be on drugs, Vodafone has announced that it is to release a hybrid mobile game, tamagotchi and screensaver called Space Boy," writes the Inquirer. "Mobies, as they’re being called, respond to a variety of things a user does with his or her phone. From dancing excitedly when the phone rings, or receiving a letter when an SMS or MMS arrives, through to fixing an aerial when the network signal is weak or becoming tired when the battery is low."

Dunno, this may be as big as ringtones, especially if these pets can be customized by users a la the Sims. If this is any indication, Space Boy isn't alone. The V-Girl has just been upgraded to her second version (read more), and Mobeon has released avatars that live in your cell phone's voice mail menu (read more yet).
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