Rebtel Offers International Calls Via Local Numbers

Ok, this is an offtopic public service announcement that isn't yet related to advertising. If you think Skype is great (I do), try Rebtel, a new Swedish start-up that offers cheap international VoIP calls from your mobile, putting all those underused plan minutes to work. The company just got some press in SF Chronicle and Red Herring after snagging $20M of VC financing.

Rebtel offers users international calling at local rates from their mobile phones for $1 a week. Registered users of Rebtel’s web site fill in their phone number and the phone number of the party they want to phone. In a nutshell, for every international contact you have, Rebtel will generate a local phone number that you can dial from your cell phone at whatever rate your operator charges (free nights and weekends count). You pay $1 to Rebtel for every week in which you use the service plus a variable per-minute fee (2 cents for Canada, 14 cents to the more exotic Moldova). I'm yet to test the quality (nobody's home on the other end), but the convenience is unbeatable. And no, this is not a paid plug.
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