Two Alternative Verizon iPhone Commercials

Long before yesterday's Verizon iPhone teaser aired on TV, fans had begun cutting their own ads in anticipation of the great day, some as early as April of last year. Below are the two best ones.

I need service, demands a half-naked girl:

We've got three words:

If you are lucky, you'll fall into a time-space warp and see an AT&T ad for its iPhone served by Google at the end of the second spot for Verizon, like so:

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  1. Clever and appealing YouTube service promising service, but Verizon needs more to win new customers.
    VZW wins when it pre-installs on all VZW iPhones the first killer mobile app:
    full-featured text/IM client, super-charged with MeetMe(TM) and soon-to-be-released Point-and-Chat(TM), for messaging with 80% of all smart phone users.
    Then FunFaucet Films really has fun making the go-viral video of the new Verizon Girl seeking service with her VZW-branded Super-Chat App.
    Who are you going to call?


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