CES Awesome: Angry Birds, Fingernail Printer, iPad Guitar and More

I'm at CES today and posting some impressions over at Hill Holliday blog (the first installment is about TVs), but as I was going through my pictures from the day I found a few I wanted to post here.

First things first: Angry Birds are going to be a table game, courtesy of Mattel. Promised to arrive around summertime.

Vibe Attire is a "wearable device that transforms standard audio input information into a vibro-tactile experience"

You dreams of turning fingernails into a scalable ad medium are coming true courtesy of this wonderful fingernail printer. It can even take your picture with a built-in camera and paint your likeness onto your thumb. And your pinkie.

I finally got to try one of those wearable display glasses. Not impressed.

These guys missed their flight to CES 1985.

This iCade arcade cabinet with iPad was one of ThinkGeek's awesome April Fool's jokes that turned into a real product. Coming pretty soon for about $100.

I have no idea how these Gigafast plugs work, but what they do is they run Internet through powerlines in your house.

Pure magic (and a projector sitting on the top of a glass pyramid).

An iPad built into a stringless guitar called Kitara.

A robotic massager that vibrates and rolls around your back without falling off.

The most charming thing about this shameless iPad knock-off is the "with Google" label on the side of the box.

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