Electronic Blackboard Transmits Writing Over Phone Lines (1974)

"A new, experimental system devised by Bell Labs may make an old teaching tool more alluring. Called an electronic blackboard, it uses ordinary (and low-cost) telephone lines to send writing that is chalked on a pressure-sensitive surface to any remote point for TV-screen display. The audio portion of a lecture or other presentation can, if needed, be sent via a second phone line, using a portable conference phone available commercially. The system is being tried out at the University of Illinois."
-- Popular Science, June 1974


  1. Back in 1974 it was very cool, I believe.
    Where do you get these old black-and-white photos?

  2. Oh, this is certainly a proof that technology that we have today has been thought of way back old times. It means we need to innovate and also use the old ways to move forward. Just like what I did in using advancedwebads's services such as the unlimited banner impressions and clicks for a flat fee a month.


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