ZOMG! iPhone Games Eat Away at TV Audience!

...says a company that puts ads in iOS games. Here's you daily dose of self-serving numbers.

"Social games on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices are competing for television viewers. In fact, these apps, tracked on the Flurry network alone, comprise of a daily audience of more than 19 million who spend over 22 minutes per day using these apps. Treated as a consumer audience, its size and reach rank somewhere between NBC’s Sunday Night Football and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and only 4 million viewers shy from beating the number one prime-time show on television, FOX’s American Idol."

Which, of course, means that "compared to a top television series, which airs 22 episodes a season, advertisers can reach a larger consumer audience through applications 15 times more frequently."

Which, of course, is coming from "a leading smartphone application analytics and monetization platform."

There's lies, damn lies, and statistics, and then there's stuff that doesn't make any sense at all, like comparing a number of people who have spent 20 minutes, on average, over a course of one day playing any of a number of games with the audience sizes of individual shows that are broadcast within a time window.

Good thing this is coming from an "analytics" company.

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