McDonald's on Farmville - Screenshots

Do you know how many bloggers jumped on the "Old McDonald('s) Had a Farm(ville)" thing for their headlines today?

Anyway, here are some screenshots of this one-day promo. Visit the McD's farm from your neighbor bar today and get two prizes - a cup of coffee that speeds you up and a pretty hot air balloon that takes up space and does nothing I could figure out.  You can get the gifts on the market, too.  A fan blog had noticed many of these items on the server a couple of weeks earlier.

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  1. What a stroke of genius.

    The popularity of Farmville seems to know no bounds. And for a mainstream premium national brand such as McDonalds to so naturally ingratiate themselves into the game itself, they're acknowledging the relevance of the game and its reach while making a solid connection with players.

    The healthy, organic nature of farming ties in nicely with a brand under siege of being seen as unhealthy. And having the same name as arguably the most well-known farmer's name in all of nursery rhyme history doesn't hurt the tie-in either!

    Great promotion and great post too. Thanks for sharing.

    Steve H.
    Warren Douglas Advertising


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