Timing Visibility of Display Ads on a Page

This is pretty nifty. An ad network called World Web Network created launched technology that "monitors the visibility time of each banner on a Web page. [The technology] measures the amount of time that a banner is visible on the page and the web surfer is active. Time is only tallied when the script detects a regular mouse-keyboard activity. After ten seconds of idle time, the tool will pause until activity returns, ensuring a reliable metric." (source: press release).

Try the demo and see for yourself: it detects when you are below your screen's fold and can't see the banners.

I don't know if this has any real application in ad sales -- it matters little how "visible" the ad is if the average fixation (dwell) time for a banner is about one second --but I see it being useful in page content analysis. Too bad the tech is proprietary.

Correction: The technology was created by Alenty, not WWN who licenses it from the creators.


  1. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing! I just wanted to add some corrections. This technologies hasn't been created by WWN but by Alenty, a French company.


    WWN uses Alenty's technology to let advertisers benefit from metrics that matters for brand management campaigns. Dwell time is great, but it only concerns a small part of the population which has been exposed to the campaign.

    Alenty is well know in France and its technology is spreading out in Europe.

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to talk about it.

  2. Actually, WorldWeb Network is only using Alenty's script (the company that has created the technology).

    Alenty has already partnered in France, with adsales house Canal+ (kinda french HBO) in order to sell inventory based on exposure and duration.

    In the UK, they've recently signed partnership with Unanimis.

    The scipt needs to be programmed in creative....as simple as that.
    So baiscally, everybody Adveretiser or Sales House can use it;-)

  3. Thank you. Corrected. Should've read the press release more carefully.

  4. Eric Tourtel (Head of EMEA Sales WWN)19/3/10 5:31 AM

    Actually every advertiser or sales house can use it in local markets, but for any international campaigns (means the same campaign in more than 1 country) this technology has to be booked through WWN, as we have an exclusive agreement with Alenty.
    WWN works with the main publishers worldwide, so it shouldn't be any problem to reach the audience you are looking for.
    Best rgds

  5. Hi all.
    anybody can book Alenty locally, but any campaign running on more than one country has to be booked through WWN - if you want to use BED. We have the main publishers of 50 countries in our portfolio, so it shouldn´t be a problem to find a way to collaborate ;o)
    best rgds
    Eric Tourtel
    Head of EMEA Sales World Web Network


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