Future: Camera Suggests The Best Shot

How far is the day when my digital camera has an always-on connection, recognizes the picture I am about to take, compares it to the highest ranked most similar photo in an online photo repository such as Flickr, looks at the EXIF data, and suggests an angle and settings that would produce the best, according to the prevailing social tastes, picture?

For objects and landmarks that are frequently photographed from every possible angle, like the Eiffel Tower, this day can't be too far at all.

Or is there an app for that already?


  1. Ahh guy... you're a little crazy sometimes, you know that?

  2. Well... that would truly encourage mediocre photography. Don't we have enough boring carbon copied pictures of landmarks as is? I'd like an app that prevents me from taking a pic anyone else took, so I have to find an original take :P

  3. Can be easily tweaked to do just that -- tell you that there are 56,798 pictures that look the same already and suggest you move a couple of steps sideways.


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