Technology Behind Wired's iPad Magazine App

Cult of Mac wondered last month about how Wired would be able to pull off its sleek magazine app for iPad built with Adobe Air, which, like Flash, doesn't work on Apple's i-devices.

The answer: with the Adobe CS5's packager that publishes your stuff as native iPhone/iPad apps.

Funny, though. This month's Wired has a cover story about how tablets will change everything featuring this (not family-friendly) quote from Fake Steve Jobs: "Do you really think saving newspapers is just a matter of putting your old crap on a new device? Because from what I can see, The New York Times sucks just as bad on a Kindle as it does on paper. That, in fact, is the real problem with The New York Times: It sucks, and everyone knows it, except, apparently, the dumb fucks who write for The New York Times, which is, oddly enough, the heart of the problem."

My question about all the publications with their lofty plans to replicate and enhance the printed page experience on iPad and other tablets -- who's gonna do it?  As in, if you are cutting your headcounts, who is going to produce, lay out, and code all that additional custom-built awesomeness designed for readership that is a fraction of the regular print circulation?

Guess we'll see soon enough.

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  1. As a Flash CS5 beta tester and having already used it to publish one iPhone App, with another "In Review" at Apple... this tool seriously kicks ass! Adobe has out done themselves and in reality, they are helping Apple.

    Apple's developer community is doubling (at least) because of all the Flash/ActionScript 3 (AS3) developers because of Flash CS5.

    Not only that, these AS3 developers don't have to learn all of these various programming languages like Objective-C (iPhone) or JAVA (Android), etc... They just need to know one, AS3, and they can develop for all platforms.

    Right now, I'm taking my 2nd app and converting it into an iPad App. Then going to re-purpose my code for an Android and webOS version.

    Adobe is on to something here and I think this is just the beginning.


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