Video Advertising from Armpits

Just as you think there's nothing left to blog about, a friend sends you this. And this is a deodorant company sending out street teams with small TVs sewn into their armpits. The dream of Smell-o-Vision has finally come true.
- via CherryFlava

Update:  R/GA: "I pray the Charmin people don't see this." 


  1. Uhm, that's incredibly old news, here's a post on that from 15 months ago:

  2. Ha! 15 months is breaking news by our standards. Here's what we usually cover:

  3. lol, OK, you win, 90 years is a little more than 15 months. Sorry, I'm new to Adverlab :)

  4. Ingenious. Its like the advertising with flies at the exhibit in germany.

    so great.


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