IBM Developing Virtual World Interface for the Blind

"Virtual Worlds User Interface for the Blind is a prototype "accessible rich Internet application" (ARIA) that gives blind users the ability to participate in many virtual world activities. Although this interface for the blind is a GUI and can be used by sighted people, the virtual world space is not rendered pictorially. Instead, all information flowing to the user is text-based in order to allow compliance with ordinary screen-reading technology. Recorded verbal descriptions are also played for the user."  (via )

Isn't it what MUDs used to be?


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  1. Exactly.

    Although MUDs are dying out slowly these days, thanks to their pre-historic user interface that intimidates people who are used to clean GUIs.

    Someone needs to re-brand them as 'collaborative online story writing environ' or something and give them a more accessible interface. Maybe IBM's application will find an alternative use in that way.


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