Agency Microsite in Anaglyph 3D

Good thing I have a pair of those nerdy glasses handy.  An excited fan of 3D, I've posted on the subject before but, a holiday Flash production by and for Colle+McVoy, is one of only a handful of interactive websites done entirely in red-blue anaglyph 3D that I've ever seen. (Why doesn't the site for Polar Express have a 3D section?)

Adfreak on how it was built: "To go 3-D, Colle + McVoy went old-school and built an 8-by-12-inch physical model of Snowdin, then photographed individual elements of it to allow the colors to be separated in Flash to create the special effect."

Other aspiring designers of anaglyph interactive experiences will find out that (1) not everything makes sense in red and blue and (2) getting motion just right is particularly tricky.

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