Wii Advergames

There are quite a few advergames designed to be played on the popular Wii console out there. Pictured above is MINI's Pinball. Early last year (news), Wrigley's has optimized a number of its games for the Wiimote, and Live Free or Die Hard movie was also promoted by a Wii-able game (now gone). Like the iPhone advergames, Wii games are designed to be accessed through the console's browser.

Eventology from Argentina creates Wii-powered games for tradeshows to attract booth traffic (see in action in this YouTube video). [update, May 19, 2008: the devices are not Wii-based and are build by Eventology directly; see comment].

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  1. Hi. Actually, at Eventology we develop our own tracking devices.

    While Wii is a cool option for many people, we find it more rigid than making our own toys.



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