Free Trade Magazine Subscriptions [Ad]

Remember the five magazines you have never read? Here's your chance.

I got (and, obviously, accepted) a review order on ReviewMe from a site called RevResponse. The site's homepage makes the business idea sound somewhat complicated, but it isn't: you, the blogger, get paid for having your readers subscribe to trade publications and white papers for free. Since these publications are trying to build their targeted circulation so that they can charge their advertisers more money, not everyone gets the free lunch -- you need to qualify to subscribe. I don't know how the qualification process works and hence how lucrative this affiliate model is for bloggers, but if everything works as advertised, why not.

But check out the range of publications the service offers. There is some interesting ad-related stuff: Brand Packaging, Successful Promotions, and even Crain's Creativity. You can also try to subscribe to magazines that sound very cool but that you would probably never buy without a good excuse:
  • Church Production (about "church's use of audio, video and lighting equipment")
  • Church Solutions ("sophisticated, insightful articles on construction, design, staff management")
  • Meatingplace ("written and edited for red meat processors")
  • Cranes Today ("serves the whole of the Crane Industry")
  • Wraps ("inspiring the vehicle and building wrap professional")
To sum up, a win-win all around: bloggers get money, readers get magazines, and magazines get larger mailing lists. To make everything work, RevResponse offers a nice variety of promo tools that range from banners and widgets to blog-branded landing pages. See a sample widget below:


  1. Absolutely hilarious :-)

    Tell us, tell us, how much? !!!
    Whoch ya doing with da munnie?


  2. Buying out competing ad blogs.


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