Hey! Nielsen Brings Buzz to Ratings

I've been keeping an eye on Hey! Nielsen (lovely name, but the way), a place for TV fans to voice opinions about TV programming that opened last September. Nielsen's intent is to figure out how to incorporate the feedback into its ratings: "Using data from real users, Hey! Nielsen generates a Hey! Nielsen score -- a real-time indicator of a topic's impact, influence, and value. As users submit feedback, the score is created from a number of factors such as user response, blog buzz, and news coverage, as well as raw data from our sister sites Billboard.com, HollywoodReporter.com, and BlogPulse.com."

Funny, Tetris has a way higher buzz rating than GTA IV (111 to 28), even though BlogPulse shows otherwise.


  1. I'm surprised I haven't heard that much about Hey Nielsen since it launched in September. I must say that I really like what they are doing.

  2. sounds a bit like Buzzdaq on the Internet World website

  3. Well, this looks ok. Another means to measure ratings.


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