Future: Planting False Memories

New Scientist is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a special compilation of forecasts for the next 50 years gathered from the leading scientists. Among the most directly relevant to advertising is this one from Elizabeth Loftus:

"Over the next 50 years we will further master the ability to create false memories. We will learn more about who is most susceptible and what works with what kind of people. The most potent recipes may involve pharmaceuticals that we are on the brink of discovering. When we have mastered the false memory recipes, we will need to worry about who controls them. What brakes should be imposed on police, lawyers, advertisers?"

Hope I'll live long enough.

Another interesting one is from Google's Peter Norvig: "In 50 years the [search] scene will be transformed. Instead of typing a few words into a search engine, people will discuss their needs with a digital intermediary, which will offer suggestions and refinements."

I wrote about something similar before: "Some advertising will be targeted not at humans but at their robotic assistants powered by artificial intelligence to make the most optimal purchase decisions."

-- via IFTF
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