Amazon's Xbox Promo Fries Its Servers

Amazon today ran first of its promotions where they offered 1000 new Xbox systems at $100 each (instead of the regular $299). The units went on sale at 11am; at 10.59pm the site was nearly frozen. At 11.01, when the page finally loaded, all units were gone. Now they have a Digg-full of pissed-off customers:

-- "On the other hand, this promo seems poorly planned. The odds were incredibly small that any single person would get one, but it did succeed in pissing a lot of people off and crashing their servers.fuck amazon."

-- "I'm not renewing my prime membership. I don't mind losing out, but it shouldn't be because their fucking servers can't handle the load. Wall Street thinks the guys behind are idiots. I think I agree, now."
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