Advertising Lab Turns Two

Today AdLab turned two. Many thanks to you all without whom any of this would make little sense. Thanks for reading, for writing, and for linking back. Your words of encouragement keep this thing going, and being picked by Comm Arts as one of the 50 essential bookmarks was a great morale boost, too. Special thanks to Future Lab who were the blog's first advertisers, and to everyone who syndicates AdLab elsewhere: FutureLab again, The AdFeed, Ogilvy PR. And, of course, blogging wouldn't be possible without the stimulating environments at MIT CMS where it started and Hill Holliday where it continues.

If you are reading the blog exclusively through an RSS reader, come take a look at the new, uh, look of the site. If you want to add a link to the "Readers' Links" section, tag the page at with "2adverlab".

How did the blog do this past year compared to the last birthday's stats? Let's see:

  • Posts published: ~ 700 (same as year ago)
  • Total page views: ~580,232 (up from ~130,000)
  • FeedBurner subscribers: ~ 1,200 (up from 200 last November)
  • AdSense ad revenue: ~ $5,000 yearly total (up from ~$1,000)
  • Technorati back links: ~ 3,286 (up from 150). Rank ~3,000. Blogs linking back: ~600
  • Google PageRank: 6 (no change)
Traffic, all time:

FeedBurner RSS subscribers, all time:
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