Offtopic: What to Do in Toronto?

I've never been to Toronto but that's about to change. Flying there next weekend on a short break, but have no idea where to go once I free up. I know I kinda wanna see ROM, and definitely the Stella Trap (pictured above; any idea what the exact address is?), but little else. Are any of those crazy Mini billboards still up? Any ad/media museums? Any other Canadian ad shrines? What are the good places to go at night, by the way? Comments are open below, or write directly. Much appreciated.


  1. I haven't lived there in 10+ years but I highly recommend the Top of the Senator Jazz Club / restaurant.

  2. Thank you. Goes on the to-do list, although tt says a dress code is implied, which may be a problem :)

  3. For what it's worth, I don't recall ever getting dressed up to go there! ;-) My recollection is that the Jazz club is more laid back than the Senator restaurant downstairs.

  4. Check out the CN Tower

  5. Thanks for the tips, guys. Sorry it took me some time to approve the comments; our internets died over the weekend.

  6. Try a couple of ad-bars. The Pilot Tavern (22 Cumberland Street - (416) 923-5716) is behind Y&R (bay and bloor) and BBDO (yonge and bloor) and within a short hike from JWT (church and almost bloor). Account guys have been known to hold brief's there. The front lobby of YR is pretty cool, a fire hydrant is pissing on a dog.

    Also, while in this section of town, go to the top of the Manulife Center. The view is great.

    Another older good ad-guy bar is Betty's on King Not sure if it's still an ad guy bar, but it used to be. It used to be called the Betty Ford Clinic, but they got sued.

  7. The Stella Trap is located right in front of the Gardiner Museum for Ceramic Art, on University Avenue. Right across the street from the ROM. You can't miss it. Its just south of Bloor St.

    Do all the touristy stuff like usual. Its good fun. Check out a couple funky restaurants. I'd suggest one calle 7 numbers. Its on Danforth Avenue, just east of Broadview Subway station. Its on the south side on a corner. The sign doesnt say 7 numbers. Its says something like "8035626" Good italian.

    Take a walk along the waterfront. Check out queen st west from university to niagara st.

    You might want to check out the Design Exchange as well. Also, if you want to see some fun multimedia stuff, stop by the Ontario Science Center.

  8. The ROM is under construction, so you can't see most of the permanent pieces. Be sure to check their website first to see what's actually open.

    They are doing some funky stuff with billboards especially along the Gardiner Expressway. Not sure if they do this anywhere else, but they are adding die-cut extras to the tops and sides of billboards. Most of the time they have nothing to do with the ad (people sitting on top of the billboard or laundry hanging off it) but are there to grab attention. Last month they also had billboards with two ads on them that flowed into each other (ie a car ad on one side and a PEI tourism ad on the other side. The person on the PEI ad is putting a mini-windmill inside the trunk of the car ad).

  9. Go to the BCE Place at Union subway station for great indoor architecture. They often have art exhibits inside the place (which is where our wall st-equiv execs play around during lunchhour). The place to be for the 20-something crowd is Ultra Supper Club on Queen & Peter st or C-Lounge (ask a cabbie).

    If you wander around on Queen St West (of yonge st), you'll find a hundred things worthy of posting on this site.

    I love toronto!


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