Head-Mounted Display, Finally?

(UPDATE, January 20, '05: Launched.)

"In the next two weeks, Icuiti will announce its new Video Eyewear to the world." Oh, boy.

Is it the long-delayed beginning of the era of the truly portable video? It may as well be if the display
  • Projects an image large and clear enough,
  • Is compatible with a range of devices - PDAs, game consoles and handhelds, PCs, cell phones, DVD players and portable Media Centers,
  • Has a long battery life...
  • ...without a separate huge battery to lug around,
  • Doesn't weigh a ton,
  • Utilizes thin elegant cables,
  • Does not appear excessively dorky,
  • Fits into a purse,
  • Costs within a $500 range.

Judging by the scarce pictures on the site's only page, the Icuiti's display seems to be all that.
Apparently, the gear is being tested on the Japanese mobile phone market since December 1 and is sold through the VisualWear site (Japanese). Some product info:

"Video Eyewear consists of a glasses-style display part and controller unit about the size of a pack of smokes. The glasses have on each side a 640×480 dot, 32 bit color display. The 3D glasses create a picture at a distance of 2 meters with a size of 42 inch. The HMD weighs only 70g. Display features 3D display capabilities and can represent 3D video from any standard parallax source. Video Eyewear is listed as Open Price, but the actual retail price is said to be less than 70,000 yen (~$680)." Sources: TechJapan, i4u

Compare to Eyetop DVD ($599), Mobile Personal Cinema Glasses ($449)

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