Advertising on Ringtones

Somebody just doesn't get it (maybe me), but how come those mobile phone ringtones that play brand tunes are not freely available on respective brand sites but instead are created and SOLD by third parties? Companies may offer all sorts of downloadable stuff like desktop themes, screensavers, e-greetings, even music (see Coke's site), but what about ringtones? Adverblog quotes Mercury News quoting Yankee Group saying that "Ringtones will generate a huge business also in the United States, where now there are about 40 million cell phones capable of downloading such a content."

(Update, Jan 20, '05): Jenna Jameson is teaming up with Wicked Wireless to provide Latin American phone users with "moantones" and more.

Here are some of the tunes SOLD by third parties (links lead to listings where you'll find corresponding wav or mp3 files):
Harley Davidson's engine roar
McDonald's "I'm lovin' it"
Evian's, Guiness's, Fanta's and Coke's ad tunes
Little Caesar's "Pizza Pizza" and Intel's "Inside"
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