Future: Brain Scanner To Visualize Dreams

Guardian: "Scientists have developed a computerised mind-reading technique which lets them accurately predict the images that people are looking at by using scanners to study brain activity.

The breakthrough by American scientists took MRI scanning equipment normally used in hospital diagnosis to observe patterns of brain activity when a subject examined a range of black and white photographs. Then a computer was able to correctly predict in nine out of 10 cases which image people were focused on. Guesswork would have been accurate only eight times in every 1,000 attempts.

The study raises the possibility in the future of the technology being harnessed to visualise scenes from a person's dreams or memory."


  1. This would be awesome! Visualizing a person's dreams is so cool. I would like to have my funniest and most absurd dreams visualized. You could make movies out of it!!! ;-)

  2. The movie "until the end of the world" included this in part of its plotline. Funny how much of th e"futuristic" elements of the movie have become an everyday part of life - dictating as writing, GPS systems...


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