Kinect To Power TV Ads, Billboards

A Microsoft guy explains how Kinect and Nuads will add gestural and voice goodness to TV ads served through Xbox.

Would one have to be standing up for this? Are people's living spaces spacious enough to accomodate Kinect?   And would anyone care?

Kinect, though, would be a nice cheap addition for digital signage in public spaces, illustrated by this hack and this. Some ad shops are already experimenting. Wouldn't be fun to customize a billboard's message based on the onlooker's body type and gender?

One other thing Kinect would be awesome for is monitoring people's general usage of TV and other media in the device's vicinity by combining sound detection and recognition with body position identification, answering the "what's on?" and "is anyone watching it?" questions. It's such an awesome idea that I'm actually keeping my Kinect behind the TV and facing the wall when it's not in use, in case the idea has already occurred to someone else.

Looks like Microsoft has tested a Nuads-like execution with Chevy Volt last fall with the car placed into the Kinect-enabled Joy Ride.

SoftKinetic has developed and been using its own hardware to power up signage way before Kinect.


  1. Wow. I can totally see this being a part of the future! Imagine walking down a hallway full of ads and they are tapered specifically just for you. Awesome.

  2. I'm not sure if people will like this idea. Although it is creative to display ads based on complete customization of body gestures voice and even how one is dressed.

    Privacy is also a statement to be considered here. Not just for displaying ads Kinect can be placed virtually anywhere even to collect data for research or study the behavior of shoppers or visitors in a mall or any retail outlet.

  3. Looks good and sounds good in theory. But, will it work? This is a dream for advertising research junkies, it will be more convenient to study ads in the near future.

  4. wow kinect in billboards,that would be really good,hope this will work out.. :)

  5. one Would have to be position up for this, Are people places large enough to perform with Kinect?


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