AdShip Adds Ads to eBay Purchases

Here's a way for eBay sellers to earn an extra buck by adding ads to their shipment paperwork and email confirmations: AdShip "dynamically inserts complementary advertisements on shippers' post-sale, customer-facing print and digital order fulfillment touch points."  Like this.

Did you know that eBay has its own app store?


  1. this is a joke. the owner is an ex-con who got busted and is hiding from the DEA. ebay should be more professional in researching their partners.

    1. It looks like they've taken down a lot of the sites that had "Patricks" name in them, but here is one last "official" site that still stands:

  2. It's true. The CEO of Adships real name is Gaston P. Blanchet (not "Patrick G. Blanchet" - as advertised). Google him.

    Here's a link:


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