Idea: Augmenting Printed Pages With Digital Comments

SFWeekly unearthed the pitch deck (pdf) by Mekanism to Fast Company that lead to the magazine's widely discussed Influence Project.

It's always a voyeur fun to look at others' pitches, and there's a lot to see in Mekanism's deck (although not as much as in that Arnell's logo doc for Pepsi). I really like the idea of using smartphones to augment printed pages with digital comments: "When a reader sees something comment worthy, they lift their phone, tap the spot on the page that they want to comment on, enter their comment, and upload it. Of course, they would also be able to see other people’s comments as well."


  1. This is a great example of how companies can successfully make the transition from print to digital. Introducing this interactive aspect allows readers to engage with the content and with each other, so it becomes a more personal experience.

  2. Wow! I guess we're entering the end of the online/offline barrier.
    Really really cool

  3. Great idea! It enables customers to interact with brands on a whole new level allowing the experience to be interactive and personal. Times are changing!

  4. Interactive I don't know but personal yes, and that's a great great news


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