Are Mad Men Ceilings Too Modern?

As you know, finding mistakes in Mad Men is "one of white people’s favorite activities on earth", so here's my tentative contribution. Don't these drop ceilings look a bit too modern, especially with those air diffusers?  Drop ceilings were invented in 1958 and were originally glued or stapled. The T-bar suspension system you see here wasn't invented until the 1960s.

Would love to hear from somebody who knows more.

-- the image is from here


  1. Between this and the facial recognition tech from Japan? Awesome.

    Love little nuggets like these.

  2. So what's the problem? We know that this was in the era of the Kennedy assassination (which was in 1963). So that would make it just fine from a period perspective.

  3. @Stuart: Thanks!

    @Jeff G: The first season starts in March of 1960; a bit too early, it seems, for drop ceilings.

  4. The Donn dropped ceiling system using suspended grids started in 1958. so, this is okay, though the light diffusers and air grills look too new to me too.


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