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Got a press release yesterday that ended with "Privileged and confidential information may be contained in this e-mail and any files transmitted with it are intended only for the use of the addressee."

Ah, what the hell:

"GeniusRocket, Victors and Spoils and 99 Designs are offering up the chance to re-name their industry, and turning to the crowd to do so. Having decided the name “crowdsourcing” just doesn’t fit anymore, they’re crowdsourcing the new name, with the best submission earning a cash reward."

The site should be up some time today and the project have been delayed.

Update (May 25, 2010): Victors and Spoils aren't involved. The project "has been delayed but should launch soon." - source: PR agency.

Udpdate: (May 26, 2010): The site is now up at  It's little more than a submission form.


  1. So what's the site-address?

  2. No idea. They said the site would be up today, but didn't give the URL.

  3. only a few more days until they reveal the result! Quite exiting. I wonder what they come up with, and how they attempt to make it work beyond just being 'the term formerly known as crowdsourcing.' Personally, I don't mind the term crowdsourcing. It could perhaps use a repositioning ;)


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