All Your TVs Are Belong To Hollywood

The FCC "approved a request to allow companies that sell movies via video-on-demand services to activate signals that would block the copying or other re-use in home entertainment systems of recent releases." (NYTimes, via @stellawongo)

In other words,
- Content owners will be able to turn off, remotely, certain plugs on your new fancy TV or set-up box to prevent copying of new VOD releases;
- Some cable channels will be viewable only if you have a new fancy TV -- equipment that supports the Selectable Output Control tech.

These guys are pretty upset; BoingBoing isn't happy either.

Screwing with people's hardware is just wrong. Next thing, they will power down my fridge because I cook recipes off the net instead of buying an authorized cook book. 

Let's see who and how soon will be the first to suggest an idea to remotely shut down TVs of people who routinely skip commercials. 
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