Next time you hear news organizations complain about the internets stealing their headlines and stories, show them this.  In today's mainstream media's coverage of Gizmodo's iPhone 4G stunt, there is not a single line, not a single angle that adds anything new of value to the original story. All they do is summarize what Gizmodo has already published.  Look:

AP: Pics of purported next-generation iPhone reach Web

AFP: Apple wants its iPhone back

Telegraph: Apple orders Gizmodo return iPhone 4G

Bloomberg: New IPhone Found, Has Front-Facing Camera, Blog Says (Update3)

WSJ: Web Site's Account Of iPhone Fuels Buzz

NYT: For Apple, Lost iPhone Is a Big Deal

CNNMoney / Fortune: Apple wants its secret iPhone back

P.S. Is Apple's missive claiming the device the mellowest legal letter ever? "Please let me know where to pick up the unit."
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