Letters to the Editor - July 2009

Here are some of the most interesting letters that arrived in my inbox over the past couple of months.

-- Interview with Alex Bogusky by Jeremy Abelson about "long term economic impact of social on traditional media."

-- Reactive advertising is a concept based on "using data and dynamic content as a creative asset, and not only as input for targeting algorithms." Agency Asia runs an interview on the topic (- Richard). Also, a slideshow and an explanation.

-- A shout-out for Underln, a very nicely designed "digg for advertising, design and marketing", now with a toolbar. (- Eric)

-- Hype around real-time search: "TrendsSpotting plotted “investment interest” (i.e. VC/self funding , acquisitions) vs proxies for “consumer interest” (i.e. Google search trends for “twitter search“) to derive an expectation indicator for the hype." (- Apurba)

-- CAPTCHA advertising:  "I'm working for a company that is about to launch this kind of service." (- Roni)

-- Fluent, a report by Razorfish, "dispels some common myths about social media and influencers."

-- "Our agency clips great stats and charts on the marketing industry that might be useful research/supporting data for your posts."  (- Josh)

-- The Last Call was a 100 person, pan-European 24-hour silent-disco dance-off  to promote the splendid new Samsung Beat DJ music phone. (- Paul)

-- "Maybe you're interested to know that you're ranked at #7 on the Advertising blogs top 100 blogs in blogRank."  There's also another ranking of ad blogs at Media Blips ("Out of 500 Adverlab is ranked # 34, nice work!")

-- The best subject line of the month, from an email from the MadMimi newsletter management service:

If you sent me something but didn't hear back: I read every email, but unfortunately can only reply to so many, and I try to reply first to those who ask specific questions or are looking for help.

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