DesignBay: White Label Crowdsourcing [ad]

"DesignBay is a marketplace for graphic design and creative services that uses a new innovative business model called crowdsourcing. We give creative people opportunities and help businesses get risk-free creativity.

Ad agencies, marketing firms and branding agencies can use DesignBay as a tool to expand their service offering to win new clients, to cut costs or to increase their capacity when they're busy. DesignBay offers a white-labeling service that lets ad agencies leverage our product as their own, behind the scenes.

  • An advertising agency that specializes in print and TV ad production could use DesignBay to help a client create a logo / identity for a new product it is launching. They could charge the client their typical fee, provide them with strategy and direction, present logo concepts as being developed in-house but outsource to DesignBay privately and make significant margin.

  • A web design firm may use DesignBay to get 20+ creative Photoshop (PSD) web design layouts while focusing on collecting requirements, functional design, coding and implementation.

  • A brand consultant may help create a strategy and positioning for a client and then use DesignBay to offer execution of that strategy to their client.

    How we are better than other crowdsourcing sites:
  • Designers are better protected at Designbay.
  • We have a higher caliber of designers.
  • You do not need waste time assessing quotes.
  • Designers compete based on the merit of their ideas."

    (This post is a paid announcement.)
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