Travelocity Banner Knows Where I'm Going

A couple of years ago I was wowed by a smart banner from Orbitz that knew where I was flying.  Just came across a very similar executioin from Travelocity. Do people respond better to this personalized targeting, do you know?


  1. We took a similar approach for HSBC private bank recently.

    Our brainy Flash developers, came up with a way to scan the HTML code of a news page and look for key countries or locations.

    We then served up a different copy line and image depending.

    In a nutshell - worked very well and got a very high response.

    work is here:

  2. There have been media studies done that show the more customized a website is, the more a user will interact with it, the more time they will spend on it, the more links they will click, etc. I think it holds true for advertising and brands as well-- the more specifically targeted you can make your message, the more someone is likely to interact with it (and your brand), or at the very least break through the clutter.

  3. Liz, do you remember any of those studies?

  4. I hated them at first, the intrusion of privacy was too much, now I like the personalised ads, it creates a better online experience.


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