Spam Culture-Sensitive; Other Stats

"[IT security company] Kaspersky found products punted through junk mail differed according to language with most Russian language spam offering education and training, and goods ranging from busts of the Russian president to a device which will 'translate' a dog’s bark. English language spam, by contrast, tends to focus on advertising for stocks and shares, penis pills and cheap (pirated) software."
-- The Register (March 1, 2007)

Some of the other interesting things about spam in the Kaspersky's report:
- Spam: 70% - 80% of all mail traffic
- The newest spammer technologies can send out hundreds of thousands of messages in under an hour.
- Spammers have also mastered psycholinguistic methods of manipulating spam readers. In other words, spammers are still using text, and are successfully disguising spam as personal correspondence.
- Kaspersky also explains subliminal spam: Most probably, animated spam is used to evade OCR technologies which can be used to filter out spam.

Subliminal Spam
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