Banner Ads You Can Vote On

Adpinion is a new online ad network with a twist: it lets users give each ad a thumb up or a thumb down and serves the subsequent banners according to these user preferences it remembers. Two ideas: would be cool to have the ads bookmarkable and embeddable.

Readers at Techcrunch where the story broke are skeptical and wonder why people would bother to rate an ad. I think it's a good idea. If people are stuck with viewing ads (not everyone using a comprehensive ad blocker), they can just as well turn them into useful information.

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  1. I can see both points of view. The same people who bother to rate many things may bother to rate ads, but then again it's so easy to ignore ads altogether.

    As to your point on "useful information", I think we have a ways to go before online advertising in general can be turned into useful information -- requires SO much scale (advertisers, viewers, etc.).


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