Sony Runs Interactive Bravia Ad With Alternate Endings

(Not that paint-over-buildings ad that everyone is waiting for.) Anyway, Wall Street Journal (paid reg.) writes today:

"Sony is launching today a new TV ad for its Bravia line of liquid-crystal-display televisions that offers viewers several alternate endings, designed to appeal to men and women separately. But only people watching with a digital video recorder such as a TiVo will be able to choose which ending to watch.

"Designed to reinforce Bravia's already-established advertising tagline as "the world's first television for men and women," Sony's ad features a man and a woman gazing through a storefront window at a Bravia LCD on display. Unaware of each other, the two simultaneously whisper: "Nice picture." Startled, the pair finally notice each other. At that moment, two buttons appear on the screen that read: 'Ending for Men' and 'Ending for Women.'"

View the commercial and its endings at
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