Offtopic: Personal Announcements

You might have noticed a relative decline in activity on this blog, so here are my excuses and a few promises.

I've been staying up late as usually, but finishing up my thesis instead of obsessive blogging. The thesis was defended last Friday and here's a pic of the three official copies printed on some special acid-free paper that will go to the MIT archive. It's about 70 pages long, 200+ references, a single-space-Times-New-Roman-without-any-pictures kind of thing. I am figuring out a way to post it online in a way that's more user-friendly than a long PDF file and it will probably be up by the end of summer. Many, many thanks to everyone who has offered help, advice and encouragement during the entire stretch.

Incidentally, the defense means no more uber-fast MIT connection to the series of tubes. I am moving to a new place (still in the same zipcode, though), so it will be a while till I get some Internets set up. Here's what the new blogging headquarters looks like. Note how the walls are painted in the colors of the two blogs: orange for AdLab and blue/gray for Billboadom.

I have started working on the other side of the river at HHCC. Lots of very exciting things in the pipeline already, but can't talk about them yet. In a nutshell, I will get a chance to try out some of the ideas I've been posting about for the past two years. How cool is that?

There will be several changes to this blog. First, Google is rolling out upgrades for Blogger and apparently we will now have tags and other goodies. Second, it's time for some cosmetic surgery, and the design of this blog will be upgraded in as soon as my home gets wired. Third, although I remain a research affiliate of the MIT Covergence Culture Consortium, I am not sure if I can still use "MIT" in "MIT Advertising Lab". I'll either will have to phase the name out or think of something else that wouldn't get the Institute upset.

Finally, I think the posters below would've been completely believable had the guys been not so clean-shaven. But no, they are the stars of Fox's "Preason Break".

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