Rooftop Ads Are Real Business

The August post on rooftop ads has attracted a lot of attention and some of you may have had a good laugh and dismissed the whole idea as a joke, but not Colin Fitz-Gerald who started a company called RoofShout that today got a write-up by Wired. And yes, the ads are designed to be viewed on satellite mapping sites, says Wired: "Click on the aerial view of a cityscape on Google Earth or Microsoft's Live Local, and most of us don't discern much more than a cluttered expanse of buildings and car-lined streets. But where others see a sprawl of empty rooftops, Colin Fitz-Gerald sees a cornucopia of unused advertising space." One other company that does roof advertising is called Roof Ads. Of course, there remains an issue of Google Maps updating the photos only once every few years, so we are talking about a long-term commitment.
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