Product Placement and Advertising in Books -- Creative Brief

Russian agency Fabula (rus) makes money by negotiating product mentions in bestselling fiction books. The image above is the cover of a fiction book by Daria Dontsova, a bestselling crime fiction author. The cover features the sponsoring brand's name in the book title (the title is roughly translated as"Gold Cockerel Sirloin"; Gold Cockerel or Zolotoy Petushok makes TV dinners) and its logo -- the chicken outline on the white card above the roullette. The company's site has a creative brief form (.doc, 2 pages) that potential clients are invited to fill out.

Advertising in Books Comes to the US
Advertising Comes to Textbooks
Electrolux Promotes Products with a Book


  1. Hurry!
    Someone should set up an ad agency that places brands and product in any book and charges the advertiser for every copy sold.

    PPC reinvented (C=Copy)


  2. It's getting harder and harder to tell who's driving the bus.

  3. I have been recently reading more mainstream, modern novels targeted toward young women, and I have noticed a lot of brand names being mentioned. Is there a way to find out if product placement is behind those mentions? Sometimes they seem organic, but other times they seem obviously bought.


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