Letters to the Editor

The letters from readers and PR people (who might also be readers) that have accumulated over the past couple of weeks:

This week's winner is this letter from Paul: "have a lage [sic] roof it measures 250 sq mtrs at our office and wondered if you were interested in looking at the prospect of using it for advertising? Google map it de74 2 dh its on the East midlands approach flight path." [ed.: If you are interested in a roof, drop me a line and I'll put you guys in touch.]

Parmesh Shahani, a good friend with whom we worked together at Convergence Cultures, just got his new book out. It's titled Gay Bombay, and if it's anything like his grad thesis, it's brilliant mixture of astute cultural analysis interwoven with breath-taking personal stories.

Andy Fletcher on what's wrong with ad agencies: "I believe there are just three things wrong with being an agency today: 1) How we are selected, 2) what we are asked to do, and 3) how we are compensated. Other than that, sheer perfection."

Another idea marketplace.

Lot's of fancy display ads at EyeBlaster's Creative Zone, "a comprehensive gallery of digital ads as they appeared on the Web."

"TRA brings precise measurement of advertising effectiveness by matching the ads people actually receive with the products those same people actually buy. For the first time, advertisers now have a way to find out precisely what they are receiving for their advertising spend, and can shift to better-producing media to lift ROI."

Saatchi's Kevin "Lovermarks" Roberts talks about digital and other stuff: "More than 70% of purchase decisions are made in store. Most stores are a nightmarish experience, devoid of mystery, sensuality and intimacy. They are set up by product category rather than consumer experience, with limited screen properties." Right on.

We7 offers 500,000 ad-supported streaming music tracks from Sony BMG.

Next PSFK conference will be on July 17 2008 at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

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