Apple Eyeing Virtual Store?

Is Apple prepping a 3D shopping interface? A Second Life resident thinks it might (via Brand Flakes) if the new patent is any indication. The patent was filed in September 2006 and published a couple of weeks ago. (Follow a lengthier discussion.)

There have been a couple of fan-made Apple stores in Second Life before: see this set of Flickr pictures of one such store and a video of another one below.

This is me in a bootleg Apple store in Second Life in early 2006. The store was selling iPod and iPod shuffle replicas but was eventually shut down. There, you could also pick-up a black outfit and a green "cardboard" background and walk around looking like an iPod commercial.


  1. One might think that Apple would be happy to see their fans integrating their brand into their online lives for others to see and share- shutting down fan-created sites like the ones described could create some negative feedback from loyal customers.

  2. It does really seem like the world is trying to go virtual any where it can. I really wonder if there is true money in it... Or could this just be another marketing ploy


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