Contextual Advertising in PDF

CNet: "Yahoo and Adobe are bringing pay-per-click ads to Adobe's Portable Document Format so that publishers can serve up ads inside PDFs distributed on Web sites and over e-mail that are contextually relevant to the content.

The text advertisements appear in a panel to the right of the content in the PDF and are subject matter matched using keywords and analysis of associated concepts. The ads are dynamic, meaning different ads can pop up at different times and clicking on an ad takes you to the advertiser Web site. "

Ha! Can't wait for job candidates to insert contextual ads into their CVs.

If Yahoo's screenshot is any indication, this ain't really advertising in PDF documents but on the software (although the ads are influenced by the content) and not in the user's line of sight. It looks a lot like what Google is doing with its GMail now and what Microsoft promised it would do with the online versions of its productivity products two years ago.

Still think my version where publishers could indicate specific ad insertion areas within the document was better.

-- via TechCrunch

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