Second Life Shorts

-- Austin-based GSD&M ad agency has launched Idea City (and this conference table is suspended in mid-air).

-- Ian Schafer from Deep Focus sums up the world of advice to SL debuntantes: "build relationships -- not islands." Another tasty sound-bite: "All those documentaries and (real) blogs about Wal-Mart killing mom-and-pop stores must be taken into consideration when entering Second Life."

-- IBM, Dell and Sun are all heading into SL.

-- Fortune's David Kirkpatrick looks into the future: "There's no reason why some version of a 3D world couldn't eventually offer as much functionality as we get today on the Web."

-- The Electric Sheep Company and Edelman have announced a competition for SL's best business plan.

-- Techdirt warns of media exhaustion: "While there's obviously some interest in virtual worlds like Second Life, the extent to which companies are trying to use it to make themselves look cool has gotten a bit silly, and a backlash -- of which these may be the first inklings -- seems inevitable."

For the previous round-up of SL-related news, go back to last week.
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