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A note on press releases:
AdLab is not a news organization, it's a personal and often opinionated blog.  I post what I think will interest my readers when I have the time to update the blog.  I update the blog in the evenings, which usually means no interviews.  Attachments are ok. I have received your press release the first time you sent it; no need to follow up. Please send pictures and screenshots along with your press release, if available. Please, no embargoes.

A number of people wrote to me to say that these 10 tips for pitching bloggers were useful.

The most certain way to get your word out on this blog is to buy advertising.

I receive a lot of mail but never post about:
- executive appointments
- awards

I would love to hear more about:
- new ad technologies
- scientific breakthroughs
- new research
- awesome billboards
- interesting uses of media
- books and blogs
- patents