The Human "Million Dollar Home Page"

Remember the Million Dollar Home Page? Billy "The Billboard" Gibby (recently featured in Bizarre) has 32 tattoos of brands and websites on his body, and has a spot for one more, which he is selling on eBay with a starting bid of $300.

Or you can buy a package deal and get the tattoo AND the rights to change Billy's legal name to your liking (starting at $6K).  Right now, Billy's legal name is Hostgator Mel Dotcom, which he changed from Billy after hosting company had bought the package last year and issued a press release.

So far, no bids with four hours left till the auction's end. Potential media buyers must be concerned about ad clutter.


  1. Wow, I can't believe he did that to his body for a few bucks!

    Maybe he would have gotten more bids on Ebay if he didn't live in Alaska. I mean, come on what is the population of that state? If it were New York...then maybe!

  2. haha or london, anywhere with a higher population would have been a better purpose but stil he can always have them removed and start over.. constant cash flow.



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